We all have Strengths

1:22 PM

So many times I've focused on my weaknesses in life then my abilities and strengths.

I dwell on the things I can't do rather then the things I can do.

Not just wordsGod doesn't want us to constantly beat ourselves up about are weakness but wants us to use our strengths to encourage and glorify Him. 
Use your strengths to encourage and inspire others and hopefully show them God's love!
Now don't get me wrong-I don't mean you shouldn't try to fix your weakness but God gave us those weaknesses for a reason. One of the reasons we have weaknesses is so that we will grow stronger with our Lord and Savior and become closer to Him.  
A few years ago I beat myself up for not having a lot of friends,  not speaking up to make any and being shy around others. 
Now I enjoy meeting a lot of friend's online and I have learned to speak up more and talk to lots more people. 
Please know that God made you unique! He made you with special talents and abilities and even though you have weaknesses you also have strengths! You are special to Him! 
God loves each and every one of use not matter the mistakes we've made! 

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  1. Wow, what a great post. so very true! thanks for sharing this! just what I needed to hear! :)

  2. Wow, Kara, this is just beautiful. So encouraging. xo

  3. So true Kara! Thank you!


  4. Hi! :) I love your blog!

    ~ Jess


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