Christmas Countdown blog party (Ways to help)

1:15 PM

Hey everyone!
 As you know I've decided to have a Christmas Countdown Blog Party!!! Each day (or at least every other day Lord Willing) I will post something that has to do with Christmas. Reviews on some cds, dvds, books, songs from youtube, recipes etc. I can't wait to get started and ya know it's only 28 more days till Christmas!!!!
Ways you can be a part of it:
Do a guest post with a Christmas theme
E-mail me your fave Christmas songs from Youtube (make sure they are Christian songs please!)
yummy recipes
sponsor something for a giveaway
I can do a review on a product from your shop (I will do a review on something from your shop and also post your blog link etc.
or anything else you can think of so if you have ideas shoot me an e-mail @ . :)
Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus' birth and I just to focus on that and be excited for all Jesus has done in our lives.
I can't wait to get this started!!!

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