I'm Back!

11:48 AM

Hey Everyone!
I am back from Thanksgiving Vacation!!! It is good to be home but I miss my cousins and Grandparents already!
My Thanksgiving week was filled with...

Ernest movies/the Hallmark Channel//skyping my friend//cousins//pictures//memories//the outdoors//family//and of course the list could go on!
Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? I've decided to have a Christmas blog party! I am excited for Christmas and it is my fave time of the year and I feel like celebrating. Haha anyway I was thinking of having a giveaway. Yay or nay? (Please tell me in a comment) I know I just had one but they are so much fun and I want to put a twist on it so I will just have to think. But anyway I plan on having my blog party starting Dec. 1 and ending Christmas day-sorta like a Christmas countdown.
So what do you think? How was your Thanksgiving?

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