What God Wants

1:18 PM

When I am an adult I want to be a...

High School graduate
a Photographer
a wife and mother
an encouragement to others
someone who spreads God's word

I was talking to one of my good friends a few weeks back about what we want to do as adults and older teenagers and I realized something.
I may want to do all the things I listed above but most importantly I want to be the person God wants me to be. If it isn't his will for me to be want I want to do so be it. I don't want to do want others think I should do but want God wants me to do. I would love to have the opportunity to possibly go to collage someday but that may not be God's purpose for my life. I just need to trust Him.
 God made us for a reason, with a purpose and a plan for our lives.

I want to be the girl you want me to be!!! Help me to trust you.

^ Listen to this song

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  1. Love that song, heard it when I needed to be reminded. Keep up the good work!


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