Christmas Countdown: Movie Review

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The Christmas Shoes, DVD

Movie Review: The Christmas Shoes
Language: one word 
Other Bad stuff: none
Rating: 5 Stars

Two years on the New York Times bestseller list and a hit television movie, this heartwarming story stars Rob Lowe as a workaholic attorney with no time for Christmas---until a young boy helps him rediscover the true meaning of this special time of year.
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My Thoughts:
The movie is about a young boy who's Mother is dying and he wants to get her special Christmas shoes for Christmas and an attorney who can't stop working and doesn't take time for his family. 
I highly recommend this movie and though there was a language issue once or twice in the movie it wasn't to bad and I warn you if you watch this movie be armed with a pack of tissues. 
A very sad and touching Christmas movie! 

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  1. Oh, that movie <3 so sad and so sweet. I love the song "Christmas Shoes" too :). Thanks for the review Kara!!


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