2:33 PM

Today I got the opportunity to baby sit my siblings but not only that I got to make a very yummy treat-donuts!
I actually found the recipe on Pinterest (any surprise there?) and am glad I did-
These donuts are actually way more healthier then the ones that you have to use oil and stuff like that so these you simply make and bake.
My brothers loved using our Christmas sprinkles after we put on the glaze and I can't wait to eat them!
After making donuts we watched the Andy Griffith show and then I got Kitchen clean up. It was actually a fun day but it's good to sit down and type. :)
What was your Friday like?
BTW go here to check out my food board on Pinterest to see the donut recipe I used and to see lots of other yummy recipes. :)

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  1. What do you mean by ''stuff''? {I'm just asking because fat isn't actually bad for you. {Source:}}

    1. Yep that's true but that only depends on what kind of fat. You only want to eat the good fat. :) Frying donuts with about an inch of oil in a deep fryer isn't exactly healthy for us. I looked it up on Google and a donut is about 200 calories...
      Thanks for commenting! :D
      In Him,


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