Giveaway (Care to sponsor?)

7:50 PM

Hey everyone!
I've decided to have a giveaway sometime around March or before that if I reach 50 followers.
I've decided to make this unlike a typical giveaway; instead of gaining all your entries by following my blog, hearting Etsy shops, etc you will do one random act of kindness and do a post/post a comment on what you did, share ways to make a difference etc (though if you do sponsor people will/can still earn entries by following your blog etc). Remember my post about paying it forward this 2013? Well this is what I want my giveaway to and for you to do as you earn entries for the giveaway.

OK so now that I explained the meaning of the giveaway I need to ask... does anyone care to sponsor? :) 
I'm not pressuring anyone to sponsor-if you don't/can't sponsor that is fine! :) I don't want you to feel like you have to sponsor but if you do here is what you can. :)
handmade items (such as Jewelry, something you knitted/sewed etc)
something from your shop
blog designs 
or anything you would like to sponsor! (You can also give discounts from your shop to the people entering if you care to :) ) 
Here is my e-mail if you want to sponsor anything or have a question about the giveaway! 
Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!

In Christ,

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