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1:12 PM

Hey everyone!
I haven't updated my buck list check offs in awhile have I? Sorry about that, I marked several stuff off last month and forgot to update it for you.
So without further ado here is what I have recently done to mark off some things on my bucket list:

10. learn to play an instrument So everyone I now know how to play a little piano. My Mom got my sister a book on playing the piano and I have bee reading up on it and taught myself a little bit. Now don't expect me to play "songs" just notes though I am currently trying to play some songs. :)

43.  someone ask me to do a guest post on their blog

46.  watch October Baby this one I have to thank my Mom for! My Mom and Dad got me the DVD for Christmas and I watched it twice already!!! I love, love, love it and it is now one of my fave movies!!!

47. own the Soul Surfer Movie Thanks to my Aunt I got this movie for a late B-day present. <3 <3

48. Read the whole Sierra Jensen series I got the last book for Christmas and loved it!!!

51. try nutella my friends are the ones who encouraged me to try this so I did. :) It tastes a lot like melted Chocolate (which I love) with nuts and taste awesome on toast!!!

Oh and here is some things I am adding to my bucket list! :)

#56 Donate my hair to locks of love

#57 be a bridesmaid 

Have an amazing day! 

In Christ,

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