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Jesus Calling, Teen Edition   Title and Author: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young 

                                     Pages: 392
                                     Age Group: teens and up
                                    Bad Stuff: None
                                    Rating: Five Stars *****


About the Book:
"Jesus Calling" gives you encouragement for your day with verses and to help grow you in your faith with Jesus Christ. 

My Thoughts on the Book:
I got this book for Christmas and now I've started reading it in my quiet time; this book is very well written and the devo's sound as if God is writing them to you. There is a verse under each short devotional for the day with more short verses to look up in your Bible.
 The book leaves you encouraged for God's plan for your life and I recommend this for any teen to read! 

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2 of your thoughts

  1. I was looking at this book for Christmas but I already had a bunch of other ones on my list so I didn't get this one. But it looks like a fantastic book!! Thanks for writing this Kara!! Hopefully I can get it soon and begin reading it- it sounds like a great book!! :)

  2. We use that book at my kids class at church! :)


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