Giveaway help and random post

12:03 PM

Hey everyone!
I am having my giveaway soon, sooner than planned actaully. So I need to ask one more time...
does anyone care to sponsor? I already have to sponsors but I just wondered if you would like to. If not that's completely fine but if so please e-mail me @ I am looking for something other then blog designs currently since I got that but anything else such as handmade items (jewelry, crochet items etc)
Anyhow, how is your day going? My day is snowy and cold which means reading bunches and studying for my Biology Test that's this Monday. (BTW if you want to see some snow please do come visit me, we have up to 10 inches in some places because of the wind) :D
 Anyways this is a very pointless post in some ways but thanks for reading. Have an awesome and amazing Friday!

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