Paying it Forward 2013: Giveaway #1

2:03 PM

Hey everyone! So I am not having my "Paying it Forward 2013" blog party! I am going to start out with a giveaway with two prizes for two winners. 
Here are the two sponsors.....

Meena from Recording Studio Designs is sponsoring a lovely blog design (By the way I tried to get pictures of Meena's designs but sadly couldn't :( )

Britt from Designed to Inspire is also sponsoring a blog design; she is the one who designed my blog this past two times and I really enjoy the new look. :)
Here is just some of what she has designed...


Thanks so much Meena and Britt! I really appreciate you doing this!

Ok so here is how to enter! 
1. Comment below so I know that you earned the points
2. When you comment put how many points on what you did equaled (eg. My fave Bible verse is Psalm 1- 1 point)

Comment below on a Bible verse that has really encouraged you (1 point)

Extra ways to enter:
1.  Do a random act of kindness (maybe leave an encouraging note for your teacher at school or simply do something with  a younger siblings- it doesn't have to be anything big; just doing a random act of kindness) and comment on what you did below.  (10 points)
2. Pray for our country leaders (5 points)

3. Comment below on one way God has changed your life (5 points)
4. Go on a blog that has really encouraged you lately and leave them an encouraging comment (5 points)

So that's 26 points. :) I also have a blog button for this blog party below so if ya want you can add it to your blog so more people can learn about it. :) 

Saved By Grace
Have an awesome day everyone and may God bless you! 
Day One
Day Two
Day Three

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  1. This looks very neat Kara! I would enter, but I'm quite happy with my design as of now. (Actually Britt did mine! :)

    I also wanted to thank you for entering my giveaway! But I wanted to say, you following me, to get 3 entries worth you'd have to leave 3 comments. I've changed my settings for my blog right now so you don't have to do word verification during the giveaway. I thought I'd tell you that so you could get what it's worth! :)


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