Paying it Forward 2013: Giveaways and more!

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Hey everyone!
So I guess I'm to excited to wait for 50 followers or March; I'm going ahead and doing the Paying it Forward blog party type thing. I am going to be having different inspiring books which I will review, some giveaways etc. So what do you think? Maybe you remember me posting about this about a month or so back; I got the inspiration from Kara (not me another Kara) on her blog and it gave me some ideas on what to do.
I am copying her post below:
Post copy and pasted from Kara @ Klarabelle Candy:

This is something that has been going around FaceBook...I thought I would share it with you all, too, and maybe figure out how to do a "blogger" version!

Pay-it-Forward 2013
This is a fun one! The first five people to comment on this post will receive from me, sometime this year, a gift - anything from a book to baked goods (and, knowing me, something handmade or something found while cleaning my room...), etc. The only catch is that you have to pay it forward as well by copying and pasting this onto your blog, and meaning it! It's 2013; let's do some random acts of kindness! If you're in, please e-mail your address to me, and look out for your surprise! :) 

Just as a modification, I don't think I will send anyone baked goods. ;) Also, I might not send anything big... maybe just a card or something that doesn't require a trip to the post office. If you copy this onto your blog, you can make your own adjustments... :)

I generally don't like those things that require copying and pasting, so if you want something from me and really don't want to copy this, then it's ok. But I wanna encourage you to continue the gift and continue, well...paying it forward!


Ok, so here is my idea My goal of the giveaways is to not focus on earning points by following each others blogs but by doing different things to make a difference and commenting below or around those lines. 
Also I would like to have some guest posts, maybe where people post on Paying it Forward this year, their testimonies etc. (If you would like to guest post let me not below :) )  
 So what do ya think? Please comment below with your feedback. :) 
Thanks so much and be on the lookout for everything I will be posting about in the upcoming days! :D
Have an awesome day!

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4 of your thoughts

  1. It sounds weird to say this, like I'm a bit greedy... but I'd like something from you. :D Lol! I'll email you my address!


  2. I love the idea! I know that sometimes the whole giveaway thing can end up being a little self-focused, maybe this will help us to focus on others more during this time. Keep up the great work! Have a blessed day!

    -Evangela Grace

  3. I would love something. :) Ditto Hannah XD

  4. I think it sounds like a good idea, though I don't do giveaways and stuff............. I love your design! It's so pretty. :)


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