Valentines Day Pics and my last giveaway!

2:39 PM

Happy Valentines day everyone!
Sorry that I haven't had any updates on my blog party but this is the last day with the last giveaway. :)
By the way how do you like my Valentine pictures? I took the pictures last week but didn't have time to upload them until now. :) Did you see that  I put the blog name in the corner of the pictures  for the first time? 

Anyway so let's get started with the giveaway!
The prize today is a Narnia picture my sister drew or the winner can choose it to be turned into a bookmark (whichever you prefer). You would also get to pick the picture- she has drawn two; the one of Peter kneeling and one of Susan and Lucy. 

To enter it's the same rules as last time:

Comment below on a Bible verse that has really encouraged you (1 point)

Extra ways to enter:
1.  Do a random act of kindness (maybe leave an encouraging note for your teacher at school or simply do something with  a younger siblings- it doesn't have to be anything big; just doing a random act of kindness) and comment on what you did below.  (10 points)
2. Pray for our country leaders (5 points)

3. Comment below on one way God has changed your life (5 points)
4. Go on a blog that has really encouraged you lately and leave them an encouraging comment (5 points)

Have an amzing day everyone!

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1 of your thoughts

  1. I would love to enter! One Bible Verse that has encouraged me recently is 1 Corinthians 13: 1-3. The verses are so amazing, and encourage me a lot.




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