Guestpost by Britt: Downtrodden by Others

9:48 PM

blossomHello, this is Britt and I'm guest posting today for Kara. : )

There have been times in my life where others have said mean and hurtful things to me. Things that I would never want anyone else to experience. Things that have hurt me even to this day that I still cannot forget and leave go of. I have so much trouble letting go of those things and remaining loving towards that person with all my heart. In the end I am kind to that person  and still show them love to their face, but I have to admit to you all that I do not always show that same love and kindness to that person inside me and within my heart. Instead I hold onto those hurtful things they have done to me and hold it against them.

It is hard when others say something mean to us and make us feel inadequate. It just doesn't seem fair that others can treat us so wrongly and leave us feeling like dirt while they go on their way and don't feel the least bit sorry for what they have done to us. Man, it hurts my heart so much for humble people out there to be treated so wrongly by others who have no feelings and don't care about how it might affect others. People criticize us and make us feel so terrible inside and we often feel so upset and want to show that same "meanness" that they gave us and shove it back in their face. While this may make us feel the best at the time- it will not leave us with gratifying results. We also are instructed by God to show love to those who may not show love to us. When in a situation keep a reminder in your thoughts "what would Jesus say or do in the situation?" "would He shout out in anger, returning the "criticism" back or would He show a kind and gentle love full of mercy, despite the hurt they bestowed on you?" I know- thinking that and doing it is something truly more testing and difficult. But God will reward you for being kind to those who have shown nothing but pain on your life.

I also like to think that God will judge them fairly when they reach heaven and they will get their fair share of what they have done. We have no reason to punish them for what they have done to us- we should leave that to God since He is the one who knows what is best and fair.

So, all that to say- if someone is mean to you, who shows you no kindness, leaves you feeling hurt, makes you feel inferior, who puts a deep heartache within you, who persecutes you, who leaves you feeling like you weren't good enough, or whatever the circumstance may be- know that God sees all that you do, He knows your heart and He sees how others are treating you and He will be the fair judge- so we don't have to worry about punishing that person with mean things, harsh words, or an unkind toungue, because He will handle that all when we reach heaven (or before). There is a purpose for everything we go through- so know that whatever you may be experiencing is deepening your faith with God and allowing you have the opportunity to grow closer in Him. Look at the good in the situation and see that all things are good for those who love God! (Romans 8:28)

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