hello dear readers

7:35 PM

Did you hear that GFC is leaving? That means no more clicking "follow" through google friend connect but thankfully there is blog lovin (I've heard good things about it through fellow bloggers) and I was able to set up an account and now I totally recommend it because it is the closest thing to GFC and in some ways better.
Have any of you set up an account for it?

Have an amazing day everyone!

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8 of your thoughts

  1. I love your pictures, they are REALLY cool!

  2. Hi! I just started following you on blog lovin! I will really miss GFC. :( I am glad there is another option though!

  3. I read that it was only for non-blogger users, like people on TypePad. Or is it actually for blogger users too?!

    1. Hmmm.... I don't know.... I saw a lot of bloggers are saying it's for blogger too but I am not 100% sure. Sorry. :)

  4. Say what?! Ugh that stinks. :P Do you know when it's leaving?:)


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