Link Up and Challenge

1:54 PM

Hey everyone! So I am joining some linkups/challenges from some blogs that I have been enjoying lately.

The first one is by Britt on Designed to Inspire. Her challenge is to take a picture and put some lyrics from a song you like.
Here it tis....

And the next link up is a "Inspiring the cute Linkup" from the blog Keep Growing Beautiful. 

...and that's who i am.
Rustic Wedding Ring Bearer
engagement <3
Traditional Persian kitty - "Cutest Kitty in the World" (they say)
Hunting dog
soo cute! :)
tiny Cameras
Which do you like? 
Have an amazing day and maybe you too can join up one of them!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Thanks for linking up Kara! I love your entry!!!

  2. I was swooning at the pictures darling! I love the one of the couple on the hill. Thank you sooo much for linking up! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!


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