Polaroids and Old Cameras

1:08 PM

I found some old cameras that my Grandma use to use (one from when she was 16) when we were visiting for the weekend. She said I could have them and now they are being proudly displayed on my desk. How could I resist not taking pictures of them?

Have an awesome day!

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Oh neat! I have an old Kodak camera that was my grandmothers! Great pics!

  2. Wow! fabulous photos!!!! thanks for linking up!

  3. Hello Kara! I saw your comment on my blog and checked out your blog... wow! The design and set up is beautiful! ;) Did you design it??


    1. Hey! Thanks but I can't take the credit. :D Britt from Designed to Inspire is an amazing blog designer doing all her designs for free. If you want here is her link: http://designedtoinspire7.blogspot.com/


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