DIY: Song Lyrics Pillowcase

8:46 PM

recently my family has been very crafty lately so that means you will probably see lots of crafty posts much like this one in the upcoming weeks. :) 
Today's is something I saw on Pinterest and just had to try!

Song Lyrics on a Pillowcase

You'll need....

1) a pillow case 
2) A fabric Marker
2) a ruler
3)cardboard to fit inside the pillowcase

What to do:

Find some song lyrics from a favorite song or one that really inspires you ( I used NY2La from Press Play). You'll need to either print the lyrics out or have your computer or ipad nearby as you do this so you can see it (unless of course you've memorized the song by hard ;).
Use the cardboard for the inside of the pillowcase so the marker won't bleed through the fabric.
Now for the fun part! Get out your fabric marker to write the song lyrics down on the pillowcase (HINT: the ruler is to help you keep straight lines). 
WARNING: Take your time! The fabric wrinkled up on me several times making smudge marks which didn't look to pretty. ;) 
Oh and some fabric markers require the fabric washed before use or ironing the pillowcase after everything so just be sure you know what kind of marker you have. ;) 

And that's it! This is really simple and fun and I thought I'd share it with you. :) 

Have an awesome weekend guys! 

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  1. I might have to try this!! I know we have a fabric marker around here somewhere..... :)


  2. I wanna try that now! That looks cool!:)


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