I found this poem...

7:15 PM

I was reading this poem from Britt and I really related to the words and thought I'd share it with you.
(Britt, I hope you don't mind me re posting this :)

                                  Wish I Could go Back// by Britt

Years gone by play through my mind
How I wish I could rewind the time
Back to when life was happy and free
When I wasn’t afraid to be me
Sunshine filled days when the world was happy
Now leave me cold and feeling empty
Growing up is something harder than what I once thought
Struggles and trials leave me longing to go back to my past a lot
I still feel like that innocent seven year old girl 
Not wanting to be influenced and changed by the world
Seeing people change throughout the years
Leaves my eyes filled with painful tears
But, if we all lived in the past we wouldn’t be who we are today
So don’t live another day in dismay
Don’t cry because it is over and won’t happen again
Smile- be happy because it actually did happen
Look to your past with joy and feel content
But don’t forget to leave it behind and live in the present
You are on this earth another day for a special reason
So don’t forget to live in your current season
Because you may never know, tomorrow may be the day you are glad that you decided to let it go.

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  1. Aww...how sweet!! Thanks for posting my poem- I'm truly honored! :) Glad you could relate and liked it!!


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