My First Compassion Post//Malaria

1:41 PM

                                                        The Mosquito//
                              I'm a silent killer, with a deadly disease and most people don't see
                                  me coming. I am a mosquito and the disease I carry is Malaria.
                                 Every 30 seconds (count slowly with me... 1..... 2.... 3... 4....)
                                 someone dies from what I carry!

have you seen a little Compassion picture on my sidebar? I am joining many other fellow bloggers and blogging about two posts a month from writing assignments they send us. This is my first post ever and this assignment is on a deadly disease given by the mosquito.

Every year 655,000 children (and people) die from this deadly disease and Compassion wants us to spread the word!
If you want to help go <>>>>here<<<<> and you can donate to help! :) If you donate (click the link to donate) this is what Compassion will do with the money:

* provide households at risk with treated mosquito nets
* educate family members on malaria prevention
* treat children suffering from malaria, chagas disease and dengue fever

Have an awesome day everyone and be on the look out for a DIY post in the upcoming days!

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  1. Hi, Kara! This is Bri from the Compassion Bloggers Network. Thanks so much for posting and linking up with us! I have enjoyed poking around your blog!


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