Lord of the Rings fan

11:59 AM

so maybe you've noticed my new board on Pinterest that reads "Lord of the Rings" and thought, I didn't know Kara was a Lord of the Rings fan! When did that come about?!
(for all those people who have no idea what the Lord of the Rings movies and books are about, please bear with me ;)

So anyway I actually I've just recently last discovered Lord of the Rings but am ab instant fan! I've seen the Narnia movies (not BBC version) and was ( and still am) a huge fan and now I am of the Lord of the Rings.
We borrowed the movies starting last Thursday and watched them over the weekend (staying up way late watching three hours of them) and then discussing on what we thought of it the next day.

I still am a little confused by some of the stuff going on in the dvds but all together I thought them really great movies!

For all those wondering....

Favorite Character: Frodo and Aragorn (OK so that's two...)
Favorite movie: The Fellowship of the Ring

Now I have to see The Hobbit!

Have an awesome day everyone!

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4 of your thoughts

  1. ^_^ I LOVE LotR and The Hobbit! I grew up on LotR. =D

  2. YESSSSSS! Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 {Okay, I know what you mean about being confused... the first time I watched LotR - well technically I watched Return of the King only - I kept mixing up Gandalf and Gollum! :O But hey, if you want need me to try and explain anything, just ask! I can try! heehee}

  3. I stumbled across your blog today and just had to comment about what a nice name you have! ;P

    But seriously, LOtR is a wonderful trilogy of movies! I first watched them several years ago, and now they are my go to movies when I'm in need of epic adventure. :)

    1. Haha thanks you have a nice name too!


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