Posts Thoughts And a New Idea (One Of Those,"Need Your Help" Posts)

8:25 PM

I would like your help on posts ideas; I currently have a survey up where you can rate my blog, tell me what you would like to see more of on Saved by Grace and other random stuff (maybe you've seen it?).
So anyway, you've all given my numerous ideas on what you'd like to see more of and well, now I want some specifics. :)

Would you like to see another music video, like the Casting Crowns one I did a few posts back?

My views on certain topics (please specify)?

More Photo shoots?

Random life stuff?

I would really love to hear your ideas, and with your ideas I will probably post more/do that certain post.

Also, I have a new idea I may want to try - I've done several book reviews over the past few weeks and since summer has officially began, I'm going to be starting another little series.

I love reading, watching movies with my family, listening to music and reading your blogs, so I've decided that about once a week (for about a month or so), to do a post with a certain topic - either music, books, that I would recommend for your summer.

So what do ya think?

Please "throw" out your ideas and thanks so much for reading!

Have an amazing weekend and day!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Hey, Kara!! :)

    Well, I think it would be fun if you reviewed several of the books you've been reading, maybe something that God's laid on your heart to learn and become more like Him, or just what's going on in your life. :)

    God bless,

    1. Thanks for the ideas!
      By the way, I am going to finally get the interview questions to you-sorry it's taking sooo long!


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