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I write a post a few days back, sharing about a new series that is going to be taking place here on Saved by Grace for the next couple of weeks. About once a week you should see a post with a certain topic and my summer picks, whether this be music (like today), reads, family movies, etc.
I hope you enjoy this new series!

                          ||New Music||
This week's summer picks, are going to be new (or soon to be released) CDS. I am all into music - rock, pop, rap, Contemporary (all Christian btw) and  was really excited to do this post on music.
So here we go, my top summer picks for newly released (or soon to be) albums!

We Won't Be Shaken   -     
        By: Building 429
Christian Rock
Building 429 and their new album, "We Won't Be Shaken."

I love these guys! There song "We Won't Be Shaken" is one of my absolute faves! I've heard it on the radio a lot and whenever I hear it, have to stop and sing along. :) 


All the People Said Amen   -     
        By: Matt Maher
Contemporary Christian 
Matt Maher and his album, All The People Said Amen

I love, love, love, this guy's songs!!!! Christ Is Risen, All The People Said Amen, Lord I Need You, and the list could go on-all his songs are amazing! 
We use sing some of his songs in church and I just love them!

Made   -     
        By: Hawk Nelson
Christian Rock
Hawk Nelson and the new album, Made

I didn't get into Hawk Nelson's songs, really until this past year. Though I think a couple of their official music videos are immature (not judging you if you do like them :),  their song,"Words" have really hit home for me. I really enjoyed watching their new music video from the song! 


Rise Deluxe CD/DVD   -     
        By: Skillet
Christian Rock
Skillet and their soon to be out, new album, Rise

Actually I didn't know much about Skillet until just a few weeks back and even though I'm not a huge fan of some of their rock songs, American Noise was my instant. The song talks about how we can go above this world and make something good come out of the bad. Really good song!


Overcomer   -     
        By: Mandisa
Christian Contemporary
Mandisa and her soon to be released album, Overcomer

 So I was looking at Christianbook.com and was like, "neat! Another Mandisa cd." I really, really, like Mandisa! If you haven't heard her song Good Morning, I would really recommend it (it really get's me movin' in the mornin' ;). But anyway, I don't know to much info about this CD coming out, but can't wait to hear the songs! :) 

So that's my summer picks. :) What are your summer, music favorites?

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