A Possible Saved by Grace Newsletter

2:32 PM

yes, the title says it all - I plan on having a one time only e-newsletter from Saved by Grace. It's only going to be one issue, but let me explain further....

Me and my sister used to have a newsletter that we sent out to all our friends via snail mail. I really enjoyed writing it it, but after setting up Saved by Grace I never really thought about having a newsletter (vie e-mail or snail mail). Saved by Grace is almost like having one anyway, though with updating and via the internet - not e-mail or snail mail. I do have an idea of something I'd like to do around December...
 I may have one issue sent via e-mail to people who would like to receive it. The issue would have a collection of posts I've written from this year, interviews and guest posts done on the blog, maybe a contest, prayer requests, an interview or two, and other stuff.

I don't know if this is going to work out, though I really hope it does. It sounds fun and something I've never done before
 Our family computer is going wacko at the moment, so it will be awhile before I decide. If you want, please comment below with what you think (if or if not I should go ahead and do it) and be on the lookout for my decision. If I do decide to do it, I'll give you my e-mail so you can contact me and I'd send the newsletter out something toward the end of the year.

Have an amazing day everyone!

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3 of your thoughts

  1. I think a newsletter is a great idea, Kara! :) I'd love to get it! :)

  2. That sounds AMAZING!!! You should definitely do it! :)

  3. I think a newsletter is an awesome idea! I would definitely sign up!


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