Another Vlog Coming Your Way {In August}

12:21 PM

yes, that's right - another vlog from Saved by Grace is heading your way. I really enjoyed making my first one in May and I was sitting here thinking, what about another vlog? I know this one is a bit close to the last one, but oh well. :)
 This vlog we are doing things a little bit differently. You are/can still ask me questions but this time I am going to be making a more Biblical Q&A vlog. The questions don' have to be just things like, "Favorite Bible verse", but more in depth of certain topics, whether my views on certain things (contemporary music, movies and such, or how I would react in a certain situation). Really anything you want to ask that is Biblical or around there (I hope you get my meaning :)

Don't worry though, you'll have plenty of time to ask (and think up) the questions! I've decided to do this one toward the end of August since I am going to be busy the rest of this summer, but ask as many questions as you want until then. Please don't feel pressured to ask anything though! I would love to hear your questions, but don't worry if you don't want to!

Also, I have a surprise, but am still working on it, so just sit tight and maybe I'll announce it soon.
Have an amazing day everyone!

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4 of your thoughts

  1. 1. What are your views on modesty? :)

  2. How old do you think some body should be before they 'look' for a spouse?

    Do you believe Christians should only court and not date?

    Do you think having friends who aren't Christian will affect you? How do you deal with them or their beliefs?

  3. Fun! Hope you get LOTS Of questions, Kara.

    Here's just a silly one: Who are your favorite fiction authors?

  4. What qualities do you look for in a future husband?


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