Entering a Compassion Scavenger Photo Contest

8:31 PM

I am entering one of my favorite photo contest yet - a picture Scavenger hunt from Compassion International (here). They had a list of thinks to take a picture of and I really enjoyed the "hunt"!
The prizes are compassion t-shirts, $25 for your sponsored child, mugs, etc etc.  There is some pretty cool stuff they are giving away and I would recommend that you check it out! :)
Here are the pictures below that I'm entering....

This picture is my favorite (one of the girl's I correspond with through compassion name), but sadly I did it wrong (just found that out), and was supposed to use pictures for the name - not rocks. Oh well, still my favorite.... ;)
A sewing machine 

a tortilla

bean seeds


food stand

flip phone

braided hair 


India's flag (that I drew)

OK, so this picture is iffy for several reasons and hopefully it'll count in the contest. They said to do a church sign, but currently my church rents a building - so  no sign. We do have a magnet for the side of our fan so I did a pic of that.

So what do ya'll think? Any faves? 

P.S Check out this page about sponsoring a child through compassion, if you're interested. :) 

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