My Box Of Words

10:38 AM

{Note} This is a letter from the girl I correspond with through Compassion International

No, I don't have a box full of words, though I suppose you could look at it that way. I was sitting on my bed, looking through a box of letters from friends, cousins, and some people I've lost contact with years ago.
The first letter I've ever received is in there, along with countless Birthday cards, more letters, some random cards, encouraging e-mails I printed out off our laptop... the list could go on.
I picked up one of the first letters I've ever received from a friend, which was from when I was around seven. I can remember getting it in the mail and I remember reading it.
More letters were read, memories filling each one.
Some letters had friends giving me advice or asking mine, others wished me Merry Christmas, or simply wanted to send a random note saying "Hi".

It's funny how a box of words can be one of your favorite, most treasured things, you own. Words are all we got really, to communicate. Without words life would be pretty dull and we couldn't find out anything about anyone. Words fill letters, books, computers and something as simple as the directions on how to fix something.
They can make our day or tear us down - it just depends on what words you choose to say

As I was writing this post, it reminded me of the song "Words" by Hawk Nelson. Really an inspirational song! The song talks about words, how they can effect our lives. Defiantly goes along with my point of this post!

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  1. Neat. Great post, Kara - thanks for sharing. :)


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