What Is the Goal For My Blog?

8:30 PM

this week I've really been wondering...
What is the goal for my blog, Saved by Grace?

I've written a bit about my goal on my "About My Blog" page, but really haven't thought about it. When I started Saved by Grace in  March of 2012 I never though I'd get to 60 followers (over actually). Seriously guys, I thought I would get five (maybe ten), but totally not 65. I mean I just started the website to post pictures and maybe a devotional or two, but I didn't really have a goal or plan on what I would do or post, or really anything.
I guess I posting this because I want to try to share with you my goal (or at least some of it). My goal is

#1 to share Christ with others through Saved by Grace - whether it's in a post, Bible verse, music video, or my random thoughts throughout the day.

#2 Share my writings - I want to share my stories that I write, things that I am thinking about, my point of views and get your's too. I want to be completely honest and just share what I write

#3 I don't know how I should put this goal down exactly, but I want to reach teens and adults like. Boys can read my posts, though so far with my design (which is right now a little girly) and some of my posts may keep boys from going farther then a glance, but I want my posts to reach both teens and adults. I want to make this blog an encouraging  and inspiring place. Not that I am good at writing or that even all my posts are inspiring or anything, but I at least want to try and make them that way. I don't want to write bunches of pointless posts without meaning, but actually mean something by writing them.

#4 Let others share their thoughts as well
Now this one is why I started with each month having a guest post or interview. I don't want this blog to just have my posts, but others as well. I want others to do guests posts and interviews - for people to get to "meet" girls just like them

So there you have it, my goals for my blog. I hope they make sense, because I really want them too. I often wonder if I'll reach 100 followers or get a big blog (doesn't everyone wonder sometimes the same thing about their's?), but right now I don't care. I want to not care if I have 500 or just 50. I want to not care if I only get 1 view a day or 300. I simply want people who do read my blog to be encouraged and uplifted.

Thanks for reading this post everyone! I hope it made some sense. ☺

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog, and instantly fell in love! I think this is the kind of post that all of us "bloggers" need to read. Blogging sometimes turns into a sort of "competition," but you explained perfectly what blogging should be about! Great post Kara!


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