A Very Special Letter

1:28 PM

I pray that may God help me understand what the teacher teaches, that I can achieve my dream       -Sharon (the girl I correspond with)

I love getting letters from friends (don't get me wrong), and every single one is really special one to me, but I signed up to correspond with a girl in another country through Compassion International a few months back and each letter I really treasure.
The girl's name is Sharon, and her letters are becoming longer each time, and really make my day. Why these letters are so very special, is because Sharon is a teenage girl just like me, though there is a big difference - she lives in a poverty stricken area. Her life is like mine in a way - she speaks English, has family and likes to learn and tell stories, but in other ways we are completely different. It is really a neat opportunity to write letters to a new friend so far away and receive letters back.  I can't talk over the phone with her, and unless it's the Lord's will we will probably never meet, so I guess that's what makes them really awesome to get.

In each letter Sharon writes about her family, a special Bible verse, what the season is there, etc, and every time I feel like, "if I were in her place would I be trusting God?" I mean think about it - I have a lot, family, friends, a house and food, a good church.... a lot, compared to most. If I was without a lot of that would I be trusting God? I really hope so, but I don't think we could ever say 100% for sure unless we were ever in that sort of circumstance.

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  1. Hi Kara!
    Awesome Post! :) How did you get to write to her? I would love to do something like that! :)


    1. Hey Danielle. :)
      I correspond with her through Compassion International. If you want to do it as well, contact Compassion ( http://forms.compassion.com/questions/ ) and tell them that you want to correspond with a child whose Sponsor isn't writing them.
      Thanks for commenting!
      In Him,


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