Biblical Q&A Vlog

3:17 PM

If you watched the vlog - thanks! :) I struggled in the answers, mostly because of how deep they were. Questions liked, "What are your views on modesty?" really made me think. Hopefully you can overlook my stumbling and awkward momments, and I hoped you understood what I was trying to say, and my repeats of stuff didn't confuse you. :)

Oh, and my e-mail if you have any questions on my answers, or want further info....

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Aww...what a sweet vlog! :) You did amazing!! I watched the whole thing and really enjoyed your answers to the questions!! I totally agreed with all your answers and you did a fabulous job of explaining everything- great job!! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Vlogs are hard...I know when I did mine before I had to do like 50 tries to get a decent one to put up..haha!! But fabulous Job Kara!!

    1. Aww thanks Britt! I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. ☺

    2. Sure!! :) well, it was great!!!

  2. I love this vlog, Kara! :) Great job!


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