Biblical Vlog Update

2:55 PM

Hola everyone.
I've decided when to do my vlog which I told you about here, and that will be sometime this week. I'm really excited about this one because I can share a little bit more about my faith, and my views on certain topics. So far I've had about five questions from three different people and it's OK if I don't get anymore, but this is just an update for those who didn't know/forgot, about my upcoming vlog.
So anyway, for those who didn't know about my vlog - it's going to be a Q&A Biblical based vlog, where you ask my questions more Biblical (example... my views on certain topics, favorite scripture in certain areas of my life, favorite Christian band, etc).
For all you out there who haven't asked anything yet and want to, go right on ahead in the comment box below. I can't wait to answer them, and please feel free to ask questions on things that you have been wondering about me.

This is a Biblical more based vlog, so please try to keep the questions that way (I'll have more Q&A vlogs later throughout next year- don't worry). ☺
Oh and the deadline for commenting below on the questions is Wednesday afternoon.
Have an amazing day everyone!

P.S and for those who have asked and have more questions - go ahead and ask! I don't think I could get "too many" questions, but please don't feel pressured to ask. ☺

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