My First Day Of School

7:03 PM

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance... Proverbs 1:5 
I woke up around 5:45 this morning... really excited to start Homeschool. For all those not excited about a new school year, I understand. Starting homeschooling this year is bittersweet for me.
I love the new notebooks, pencils, science, math, and grammar books. The schedule book is pretty awesome (if you can believe that), but it also shows how I'm one more closer to graduating - to becoming an adult. The thought is really scary. How many times have you thought, "oh my gosh, I'm actually almost an adult!" or maybe...  "I can't believe I'm already an adult!"
Also a bittersweet things about this is that fact that I love summer! A new school year, is in my book, the official "summer over" day. Gone. Until next year. How sad is that, for all those summer loving people?
I'm excited to learn though - grow in my walk with God, and get one step closer to full filling goals and dreams. Starting a new school year is an exciting feeling, and one that only comes once a year.
Homeschooling brings me closer to my family. I learn more about myself and God through a godly curriculum, and learn more about the world around me.
It's an amazing privilege to learn, and I'm excited to grow!
May you have an amazing schoolyear -  whether that means starting college, or your first time in Highschool or Junior High, and may God bless your time of learning!

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  1. I know right?! I was terrified to learn *coughremembercough* that I was going to be a sophomore this year! Only three years left. O.o I'm ok with never becoming an adult! :D

  2. :)


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