Pride And Prejudice, Emma, Jane Eye....

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She is tolerable, I suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me.- Mr. Darcy
Yep, my blog post title says it all.... lately I've gotten into that, "why can't I live in the "Pride And Prejudice" time? Movies like that one, Emma, Jane Eye, Ever After.... all make me want to go back in time! The time where girls wore long dresses, and the guys would be gentlemen (no offense to all you polite guys out there. I'm just saying....) 
About once a year my mom, my younger sister, and I will watch each of these movies (along with a few others that have to do with the above). We stay up until 11 or 11:30, while all my brothers are in bed and my Dad is at working, and we watch romantic movies from the 1700s, 1800s era or whenever the movie time period is. It's that special girl time that only happens once in a whiile when you have three brothers who really want to watch westerns (which I love), over these. 
I've only watched Pride And Prejudice twice (going on three), but I  always catch something different about that movie that I didn't get before, and each time it's just as special as the first, because each time I re fall in love with the characters. I've never read the book Pride And Prejudice, or any of the others.  Each time I watch one of the movies though, I'm like... "yep, I want to read the book..." but then I give up after the first few paragraphs because at this point the movie seems better then the book. Maybe because I watched the dvds first? Isn't that how it always is? 
So that's my random rambles for the day... how has your's been?

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