Pure Kitten Cuteness

8:27 PM

How could I resist a photo shoot with pure adorableness? I couldn't, and that's where these photos came from. ☺  I got my camera and headed outside - following the kittens and trying to capture their every move.  I couldn't help it. They. Are. So. Cute! 

Which is your favorite? Have you taken any baby animal pictures lately? 

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Oh my gosh, they are adorable!! :) Do they have names? :) I think the first picture is my favorite, though all three are so cute! :)

    1. Ginger, Peaches, Chunk, and possibly Fearless. ☺

  2. Kara, they are soooooo cute! The last one is definitely my favorite! By the way, your photography has definitely been improving since you've started your blog! These pictures look really professional! Great job!



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