Elegant Blogger Award

1:02 PM

Thank you to, Hannah, Grace and Maddi for rewarding me! It really means a lot to me. ☺

  • When you receive the award, link back to keepcalmandsparkle1099.blogspot.com and the blog that nominated you 
  • Display the award button in the post
  • Answer all of the 12 questions given in this post (Do not make your own questions)
  • Nominate 12 bloggers
  • Notify them that they have been awarded


1. What made you decide to start blogging?

In 6th grade I started reading friends' blogs and thought it looked fun, but didn't really have an interest in blogging. Last year in March though, I thought about it, and really wanted to share my writing and photography with others. After getting permission from my parents I started up Saved by Grace. 

2. What is your fashion style?
Casual, though my style changes a lot. I love bright colors, jeans, cute sweat shirts and some 70s looking clothing

3. What is something none of your followers know about you?

I have pink toe nail polish one, I review books for booksneeze, it's finally looking like fall where I live, and I'm going to my Grandparents house for the weekend

4. What are some of your blogging goals?

go here  for my goals 

5. Where is your favorite place to shop?


6. What would your ideal amount of blog followers be?

I don't know... I like the amount I have now, though I think 100 is a pretty good number
7. What are your talents?

Oh I don't like writing my talents and showing them to people - if I do I feel prideful or something. I like writing and photography 

8. Are you a leader or a follower?

Follower, though one of my faults is being a people pleaser

9. What is one of your favorite quotes?
Anything from Lord of The Rings or C.S Lewis

10. Do you have a favorite book or book series?

The Christy Miller Series, The Corrie Bell Hollister series, Carolina Cousins series.... I have a lot of faves!

11. Out of all of the synonyms for elegant, which would you describe yourself with (smart - stylish - dressy - graceful - dainty - fine)?

fine, maybe? 

12. What is your favorite flower?

Now to reward...
I don't like choosing just 12 people, I think all you bloggers (and non bloggers) are amazing! So I reward all of you! If you haven't been rewarded yet then go ahead and grab it. You deserve it. :) Leave me the link if you do grab it- I'd love to see your answers!

Oh, and I have no clue how to link back so that will have to be skipped for me...

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