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Remember that post called "If You Want To Know Me"? I thought I try my hand at having a link-up, on my "Part 2" of the post. If you want to join the link-up, it's actually pretty simple.
1) On a blog post list at least 5 things about yourself. Make it fun, and just have fun doing it. ☺
2) Copy and paste my link-up pic that I have above to your post
3) If you join the link-up put the blog post link in the comment box below so you can show others that you joined in

And that's it! I have my part two of fun facts below and I'd love if you'd join in!
 If you know me you'd know....

1. I love paperback books and don't like e-books
2. blueberry yogurt rocks!
3. I love getting mail
4. I want to help teens dealing with drug and alcohol abuse
5. I get confused really easy
6. I paint my toe-nails bright colors
7. Reading is a huge pass time for me
8. I'm currently into some Christian country music
9. My favorite season is fall and summer
10. I like connecting  with the people in my town and knowing them - not just passing them by
11. When I go to the library you can find me borrowing over five books (think ten)
12. I'm addicted to Pinterest
13. I love making friends
14. I'm totally talkative
15. I long to go on a road trip
16. My favorite inspirational book is "Do Hard Things," by Alex and Brett Harris
17. I want to marry at a young age if that's the Lord's will
18. I want to adopt children when I'm an adult
19. I almost cried when I watched the movie 'Abel's Field'
20. This song is amazing!
21. I finally finished my book "Outlaw"
22. I've never been outside the US but really want to go on a missions trip!

Have a great day!

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