The Merciful Scar, By Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue

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The Merciful Scar
Rebecca ST. James & Nancy Rue 
The Merciful Scar  -     
        By: Rebecca St. James & Nancy Rue

My rating: **** Four Stars

When an accident strikes, fracturing her family, Kirsten turns to cutting herself to relieve the pain she feels. The cutting continues and eight years later she finds that her long-time boyfriend has been secretly seeing her friend. Kirsten cuts herself to get rid of the pain but this time the cut goes deeper then she wanted. Kirsten ends up in a Phys. Hospital and her Pastor suggests she goes to a work ranch where they have a treatment program he hopes will help.
When Kirsten goes she slowly learns how to heal....

Pros: I loved the story line! I was caught up in Kirsten's world and saw what it's like for a person who is in depression to go through cutting herself to relieve the pain. The story was fast paced, and sometimes very hard to put down! I become "friends" with the characters, and Rebecca ST. James and Nancy Rue really wrote the story well!

Cons: Sometimes the story dragged a little, and I wished it ended a little differently (the ending was a little abrupt for me), but other then that no other cons.

Bad stuff to consider:  Kissing (not describe), Kirsten cutting herself for pain relief, Kirsten's ex boyfriend mentioned sleeping together but Kirsten stands up saying no, she won't do it, and nothing more is said about that. Kirsten's ex boyfriend get's her friend pregnant and abortion is mentioned.

I really enjoyed the story! I had a bad cold the day I got the book in the mail, and all I wanted to do was lay around so this book was awesome to read during that day! Totally something to consider reading!

Note to ya'll: I got this free from booksneeze, and was required to do a book review on receiving this book, but all thoughts in this review were my own.  

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