A Thought For Your Sunday

1:28 PM

Something my Dad always seems to being saying when I'm complaining about life is, "every time you're going through something really hard in this life, remember someone out there is going through something  even tougher." 
As my Dad went through his knee surgery - all the pain that came through that and how painful physical therapy was, he would constantly be saying that (and "no pain no gain ;). 
I guess I haven't realized it before. I mean, I know people go through big trials --- much bigger then what I go through, but actually thinking that I shouldn't be complaining for that very reason is an eye opener. 
I just need to remember that. Everyday in my life I want to counting my blessings. Not just counting but being thankful for all God has given me - actually taking the time to thanking God. 
My family is far from rich and I don't get all the things I'd like because we have to be careful with money, but I have roof over my head. I have food and clothes. I have an amazing family and friends. 
Above all that though, I have a Savior who gave his life for me. 
With Christ we're rich. We shouldn't see our trials as a hindrance from doing what we want, but fulfilling God's plan.   

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