Blog Under Construction

2:56 PM

My blog is currently a mess and under re-design. Check beck sometime soon to see the new fall design. :)

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5 of your thoughts

  1. Cool! New designs are always fun. Happy designing. :)

  2. Oh, cool! Do you do your own blog designing? I JUST started blogging and need to learn how to design my blog professionally.... :) If you do could you give me a few tips/ideas?

    1. I do some blog designing, but not a lot. :) I'm not a pro at designing by any means, but maybe use a simply picture editing site like Pic Monkey or Befunky to get you started. Plain backgrounds work good if you want something a little less busy-body, though I like backgrounds that aren't plain too. Really, I don't have any tips, just do what you like, and make it your own.
      Thanks for asking! ☺

  3. Well I LOVE you blog designs!!! :D I made one for my blog with pic monkey - I love it!!! I'm gong to try the Befunky thing is it free? Thanks so much for replying!!

    1. Thanks, but my newest design is the first time I've designed my blog since last year. The last one was done by Britt who use to have a designing blog. ☺ Yes, befunky is free and I almost like it better then picmonkey, though picmonkey has a few more options. :D
      Thanks again!


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