My Constant Struggles

8:10 PM

I want to....

learn to always be listening to God's voice

learn to have faith in God

learn to get past my own expectations for this life and go straight to God's 

learn that God is in control of all situations, and He has an amazing play for my life 

learn to not compare myself  with others 

The above is just a sample of what I've been trying to learn in my everyday life about God and myself. I struggle in so many things, but I have to realize that God is there to lead and guide me.
 Sometimes I just feel as if the world is coming apart, and my life is a mess. My mistakes and bad choices are so many (waayy far from being few). Sometimes I want to give up and just forget it. I want to say, "God, I give up on all this - it doesn't seem to be working." I know it's wrong, but I admit that I do find myself thinking this.

I struggle in my schoolwork, figuring out God's plan, and the list could go on, and on, and on, but what I keep have to reminding myself is... God has a plan for me and my life. Trust, faith, learning to not judge, learning to not compare myself - all these things I struggle in. Maybe you saw my post I'm Not Perfect? Well now that I've gotten that in my head, the key thing I need to work on now is, "How can learn to trust God in my imperfections?

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