What It's Like Being a Teacher As a Teenager

2:25 PM

Some of you may know that I teach my younger siblings in homeschooling, and for those who don't, now you know. ☺
For those who want to know, here's what it's like teaching when your only a teen....

I really enjoy teaching home school! Yes, it's hard, but it is so much fun for me! I learn as I teach, and it helps in my own schoolwork. I enjoy teaching people new things, and since we use a Biblical program, it makes it even more fun. The teaching in of itself isn't difficult, but it's takes patience (something I struggle in), and I have to learn that I'm teaching - they're learning, and struggling in the learning just as much as I struggle with it in my own schoolwork, so. Be. Patient.

I think through teaching my younger siblings, I've grown closer to them, and to God. I've learned patience, responsibility, and what it means to control your frustration.
When people ask, "do you want to be a teacher when you grow up?", because I home school, I answer, "no, I'm already one now, so I think I want to try something else for a change." ☺

To sum it all up - I love teaching my siblings, even though it's hard I want to continue. I want to see them learn (and me as well).

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  1. I teach my 2 younger siblings their math every so often, like you said it does try your patience but it is fun!!! :)


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