You're There To Pick Me Up {An Attempt At A Poem}

7:46 PM

Life is crazy, the fog so hazy
It's hard to say see Your face and sometimes I forget where I belong in this big messy place
Your plans for me seem faraway and sometimes I can't wait till the end of the day
Most of the time I forget to pray and my life seems so far way from your plan for my life
The world seems lost and out of sight
I know you're there - through it all, and will always be there to catch me when I fall
You're there when I make mistakes and will be there to help me finish the race

Thank you Lord for loving me, giving me the hope I'll always need


I've never showed anyone a poem I've written. I'm really no good, but someone mentioned awhile back, that they would love to see a poem I've written, so there you go. ☺
This poem sounds like a lot of the ones I've written before. I mostly write them as prayers to God when I've feeling the weight of the world and keep most of them in my journal.
I'd love to know what you thought of it.

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Wow this post is so cool, awesome, and pretty you
    did a amazing job
    grace love

  2. Cool! I seen that you made a blog button, do you mind telling me how you got the HTLM under it?


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