Being Authentic

7:14 PM

au·then·tic - Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief

Lately I've been really wondering, "am I being authentic?" In other words, am I being myself? When I do a blog post, write a story, send an e-mail, talk to a friend, dress a certain way - am I being myself in it? In today's world it's so easy to want to copy everyone else. I see how popular a blog is and instantly I want to be like that blog - have that many followers and be "that good".  
I really want to focus on being authentic. real. me. Most importantly I want to be the girl, God wants me to be. I want others to see Him shining through me. For others to see the real me - not someone made up.
I want to strive to keep my personality and not try to copy everyone elses. I don't want to be ashamed for who I am but let others see the One who made me.

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