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I posted a few months back on stepping out of your comfort zone. Guys, I'm finding myself living those words. I can't tell you how many times since writing the post, have I been thinking, "well, one more step out of my comfort zone God." It's so funny how God can make something seem so simple, yet turn it into a "I'm stepping out of my comfort zone" moment. Let's see... there was the time I babysat a couple times over the summer, talked to more people and went out of my comfort zone to know them better, helped out at church more... To everyone who has done this stuff, it could be simple, but for me it's taking that leap of faith and going out of my comfort zone more for Jesus. 
Going to camp in August of 2010, was a HUGE step for me as well. I went with family I barley knew and met more people at one time then I ever had. It was an awesome experience I wouldn't have been a part of, if I hadn't got up my courage to go. 
I'm currently working on worrying not worrying now.  I've been making those giant "out of my comfort zone" steps, but now comes the next step for me - letting God have the reigns to my life and not worrying about "why? how? when?". I tend to have the imagination that goes too far. Worrying and not putting my faith in God is something I really struggle in.  
The challenge I want to take up is "how can I take that step out of my comfort zone in a way that is saying "Jesus I trust you in it", and actually make a difference in my life and those around me." 
Via Pinterest 

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  1. Oh, love your thoughts here! I think if you trust God & step out of your comfort zone than He truly will be making a difference in your life & using you to make a difference in those you come in contact with. One of the {many} things I struggle with is grasping the fact that just because I'm choosing to trust God that that doesn't often equal easier situations or smoother seas to navigate, but He's still good & working things for my good in the tempest - I blogged a little about this here:
    Anyhow, thanks for sharing! Hope you have a blessed & bold week out of that comfort zone - I'll try to remember this post when I face chances to step out of my comfort this week, too. =)

    1. Thanks so much Bess! May you have a blessed week as well. ☺

  2. What a great post. That is so amazing that you've been stepping out of your comfort zone. I truly am very proud of you Kara!! That takes so much courage and strength. It's scary when we don't know what God will do when we step out. I too feel like I've been stretched and torn out of my comfort zone recently's hard going through it, but often we find out who we are and grow through each experience! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!


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