I'm Starting Something LOTR

1:53 PM


I'm starting this LOTR challenge I found on a blog, though I'm dragging it out into a 30 week challenge instead of 30 days.  Each Tuesday I should be posting from whatever day I last left off on the challenge (example: week one, I'll do day 1). I don't think I could handle posting every singe day about Lord Of The Rings (even though I'm a huge fan), but starting tomorrow, every Tuesday you should see one from the challenge. 

I'd love for you to join me by adding your comments on the posts and I hope you enjoy them in the upcoming weeks. ☺ I'm really excited to share my favorite (and least) things about LOTR, my preferences..... this is going to sooooooo much fun!  

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  1. Yeah, I try as hard as I can doing this on my blog, and I end up doing a bunch of days in one! :)
    ~ S. F.
    p. s. I'd love if you would visit me on my blog!


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