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Hey everyone! I know I did a post on this last year (how to pack a shoe box), but I decided to try this again. You may or may not have heard of Samaritans Purse or Operation Christmas Child and that is what this is all about. Operation Christmas child is an organization where you can pack shoe boxes full of things to give children overseas. It is really fun to do and really awesome to help children who probably don't get Christmas gifts. We had the kids do this over at our church and I think they had a lot of fun. So anyway, it's really easy to do and I'm going to show you (just in case you're wondering). 

You need a box - a shoe box works well or a plastic container 

You need a tag like the one above to tape onto the top of your box. The age groups are 2-4, 5-9, and 10-14. For the box above we use 5-9, so you feel the box with items pertaining to the age group. Go here to print off the tag.

Alight, so this is the fun part! You get to pick our the stuff! Get items like notebooks, pencils, toys, toothbrush and toothpaste, wash cloth, a t-shirt, flip flops, hard candy, sun glasses (make sure they're not glass) and the like. You can also write a note to the child and put in a pic of your family. ☺

Oh and make sure the stuff have tags on them. Everything  in the box has to be new! 

Drop the box off around the 18-20 of Nov at one of the drop off locations > here

My family does this every year and I really enjoy doing it! If you're thinking of doing it, I really encourage you too. It's really neat to help someone in another country by just simply packing a shoe box. 

Have you ever done this before? Have an amazing day!

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  1. Our church has done this before and it is really fun! :) I think we may do it again this year.

  2. My family and I do several shoeboxes every year! It is a blast! My favorite part is shopping for the stuff.

    1. Hey Katie! I know what you mean -my family has done this for as a long as I can remember! It's bunches of fun. ♥

  3. Kara, I do one every year! A few years ago, I actually heard back from the family of the little boy who received my shoebox. It was so special to see pictures of him and hear about his favorite toys from the shoebox! My little brother and I packed one this year and just delivered it today. It's a great ministry and I'm glad that you're spreading the word about it!

    1. That was me, Haley, BTW!! :)


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