Black Wanderer Of The North ~ Story Starter

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Black Wanderer of the North was all he went by. No one knew his real name nor knew where his homeland was. He was protector and guardian of the Northern Mountains and often would help those who needed it. The Black Wanderer didn’t let those know his name except his closest companions and only those who he trusted greatly. His identity was kept a secret and the name Black Wanderer came about from the hooded cloak and clothes he wore, for all of them were black. Not many knew what he truly looked like because the hood of his cloak covered most of his face. It was often said that he was as fast and swift as a deer but cunning as a fox. Those who knew him respected him greatly for he was a humble man, but those who had never met him often misunderstood him for odd. If they had known him they would know that he merely kept his identity secret for a purpose.  This purpose wasn’t all the way a good one, but a purpose all the same….

I'm starting another story in my word documents. After a lot of thought on what I'd like to do, I've finally came up with an idea.
 I'm trying something a little different then I've done before - I'm going to try my hand at writing a medieval story. I got the story idea but now comes the fun part - writing it!!!!
Have any of you writers been writing up any new stories lately? 

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8 of your thoughts

  1. As a matter of fact, I have just last night started a story! :) Not it Word yet...I hand-write it for now.
    It is a Medieval story as well... Great job, Kara!

  2. A high-five to both of you, Kara and Elizabeth! I'm also writing a Medieval story. *grins*
    Wow, Kara, that was. just. so...amazing. You write so well! :)
    ~ S. F.

  3. Very well written, it reminds me of Aragorn! :)

    1. Hey Haley! Thanks so much!
      I actually got the cape idea from Aragorn and people the not really knowing him, but I got some inspiration from another girl off the internet and pics off Pinterest. ☺

    2. Haha! That's great! Aragorn is one of my fave characters so you can't go wrong with that! :)


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