God's Love

11:43 AM

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Sometimes you just need to sink yourself in God's love. Just take in a deep breath and be aware of his amazing and incredible love for us.
 Christmas is a time to get thinking about that incredible love, and how He loved us so much that He send his only son to die for us. God's love is just so amazing and epic because He loves us despite our past mistakes. Despite the fact that we are sinners. Despite the fact that sometimes we tend to ignore His love. Despite the fact that we sometimes forget that He's there continually loving us, and waiting for us to come into His open arms. 
A lot of times when bad things happen our first reaction is to think that God has forgotten us, but the truth is that God never leaves. He is always there to pick you up.
God doesn't love us because we are the most loving human beings on this earth, but because He is love. He loves everyone from a murderer to the most devoted Christian. 
Let the fact that God loves you sink in. You are loved by the most powerful One ever. You are loved despite what you do and will do. 
You. Are. Loved. 

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  1. This was so true and beautiful! Thank you for the reminder to look for God's Love everywhere.
    ~ S. F.

  2. truly something we need to keep in our hearts; not only around Christmas, but for eternity. beautifully said, kara.


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