I Have A New Blog

3:44 PM

Yes everyone - me and my sister are setting up a blog together. For awhile now you may (or may not) have seen some of my rambles about the epic world of Tolkien and I know for those who aren't fans, you probably wish I would stop. ☺ You may find it is a bit annoying, and that is why Korin and I are starting a blog called Wandering Through Middle Earth (I'll thank my Mom for the title ☺). We will simply be posting rambles and thoughts on anything and everything that has to do with Tolkien's world (LOTR and The Hobbit). 
We would be honored if you followed us or simply checked it out. I'll still be posting here on Saved By Grace as well - this is still my main blog.  Also Tolkien Tuesdays will still be continuing here (starting up again January), and I'll still have that LOTR or Hobbit ramble from time to time. 
Thanks so much everyone! Have a great day!
In Him,

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2 of your thoughts

  1. I'm already following! ;) I can tell your blog is going to be truly amazing.
    ~ S. F.

  2. I'll follow after I read or watch the rest of the movies/books! I don't want any spiolers, you know. :-)


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