I'm Back!

12:31 PM

Hey everyone! I'm off my break, though next week I'll also be gone since I'll be at my Grandparents celebrating a late Christmas with them and other family. ☺ I'm planning on posting a lot of pictures soon, but for now I think I'll just stick with doing a random post for today. ☺ 
I got side swept bangs (pic below), my artist sister, Korin drew me an amazing pic of Aragorn (also a pic below), it snowed Christmas eve, and I'm trying new photography ideas from the book I got for Christmas. I sang Christmas carols with family, we read about Jesus' birth together Christmas morning and overall had an amazing time spending Christmas together.  

 Korin drew me the picture of Strider (aka Aragorn from LOTR) for Christmas. I was shock but loved it soooo much!!!!!! The left pic is from the movie and the right, her picture. 
Thanks bunches Korin!
Above is my new side bangs. My Mom cut them for me last weekend and I was sooo nervous! Haha. Watching about five inches of my hair go in the trash was nerve racking because I've never had my hair this way before. What do you think?
Also have you checked out me and my sister's new blog Wandering Through Middle Earth? Really enjoying posting on there, though I took a break on there as well. ☺

So that is how my week is going so far. How was your Christmas? 

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4 of your thoughts

  1. I'm so glad you're back! I just love this post: you're back, the drawing, your shirt and your bangs! :)
    And your other blog is just as epic as this one.
    ~ S. F.

  2. Your hair is gorgeous!!!! And I love Korin's drawing, she's so talented!! Love youuuu! :)


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